What Our Clients Say About Us

“Dr Tan has been instrumental in helping me through my depression. She is so patient and kind to everyone she meets and treats me with so much compassion and professionalism. I owe my recovery to her. She is the best doctor I could ever have!”

P. Lim, 52 year old, Female

“I saw Dr Tan because of my weight issues. I had problems with eating excessively, low self-esteem and all the diets and exercise programs I embarked on didn’t work. Dr Tan patiently worked through my underlying issues and without the need for medication, I can say I’m eating a nutritious diet and am maintaining a healthy weight.”

Aishah N., 28 year old, Female

“I have been seeing Dr Tan for stress and anxiety related to my academic studies and social interactions. Dr Tan is a kind, empathetic and dedicated doctor and helped me regain confidence during my A-level exams. She taught me skills to remain calm and helped me build awareness of my habitual thought patterns. I am forever grateful!”

Priscilla T., 19 year old, Female

“I saw Dr Tan for anxiety issues that I had been having for a few years. Her warm personality put me at ease straightaway and I liked how she really took time to listen to me and helped me tremendously through a very difficult time.”

Ong B.K., 40 year old, Male

“I am an expatriate living in Singapore for the last 15 years. After my forties, I began to experience low moods, hot flushes and anxiety spells. I was having frequent insomnia and was easily irritable with my partner. In desperation, I turned to Dr Tan who was such a kind and professional doctor. She helped me through a dark period of my life and now, I am so much happier and energetic and my partner notices a huge difference in me as well.”

Judith S., 64 year old, Female

“I was experiencing anger management issues and was going through a rough patch at home and in school. I had also injured my back after a sports injury. Dr Tan is the kindest doctor I have met. She listened to me so patiently and treated not just my medical issues but my person as a whole!”

Aloysius P., 18 year old, Male