*Consultations are by appointment only

Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Phobias, Stress-related issues

Consultations are with Dr Tan E-Ching and can be for wide ranging problems like anxiety, depression and stress-related issues.

Dr Tan is highly experienced and compassionate and offers a safe, welcoming space where the client feels valued and deeply listened to. It is in the therapeutic relationship that transformation and healing can take place.

Through different therapeutic modalities, Dr Tan is able to help the client process various life issues so that the client experiences more hope, authenticity, joy and movement forward.

Seeking help for the first time is not easy. It can be difficult to talk about innermost fears and problems. Yet, with the help of a compassionate and experienced professional, it can be the most rewarding experience that helps people realise their deepest potential and allow them to move forward in their lives with greater confidence and clarity.