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Helping your child Cope with Stress and Anxiety

Date: To be confirmed
Venue : Online Webinar

By Dr Tan E-Ching

In today’s pressure cooker school environment, teenagers can find themselves stressed and unable to cope with the overwhelming workload in school in addition to pressures related to friends and social media. This gives rise to a multitude of problems, such as anxiety, insomnia, low mood and in serious cases, depression and even suicidal thoughts. In this talk, Dr Tan will discuss how to identify these symptoms of stress in your teen at an early stage.

Dr Tan will also share useful strategies to help your teen cope with stress and anxiety and the different ways that parents can support their child during stressful times. Dr Tan will also give useful tips to help both parent and child reduce anxiety and cultivate emotional resilience. She will elaborate on the various resources available and when to seek professional help.

Being able to equip your child with the tools of emotional resilience will go a long way in nurturing a well-adjusted child who is able to cope with the challenges of life.

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