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Dr Tan E-Ching, a Senior Family Physician in a group practice for the last 20 years, saw a rising trend of mental health problems like anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. Many chronic medical problems like hypertension, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, obesity and cancers were on the rise.

Pharmacological interventions using medications were useful but Dr Tan saw an immense need for practitioners who could provide holistic care, counselling and help patients navigate their path of healing in an integrated way.

This inspired Dr Tan to start Hallmark Health to care for patients’ total well-being, treating the root causes and not just the symptoms.

Dr Tan is also very passionate about promoting mental health in youths and adults through education. She firmly believes that mere academic excellence is inadequate. Only a resilient individual with high emotional intelligence and excellent communication skills will be equipped for life.

Thus, the centre runs programs customised for different age groups. These programs equip participants with important foundational tools like mindfulness, confidence, calm, courage, vitality, communication and leadership skills. With greater inner resources and strengths, one is able to take on the challenges of life with calmness and resilience.

Dr Tan E-Ching

MBBS (Singapore)
Founder and Director

Dr Tan E-Ching


Founder and Director

Dr Tan E-Ching graduated from the National University of Singapore Medical Faculty in 1994. She has a wealth of experience in chronic disease management, acute medicine, women’s health and mental health. She has worked in the various departments in hospitals – Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, General Medicine at Singapore General Hospital and National University Hospital, General Surgery and Emergency Medicine at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Psychiatry at the Institute of Mental Health. She subsequently obtained the Graduate Diploma Family Practice in Dermatology in 2011 and is a registered Family Physician with the Singapore Medical Council.

Dr Tan has been a Senior Family Physician in a Group Family Medicine Practice for the last 20 years. She is much loved by her patients who describe her as a compassionate, communicative and empathetic doctor who never fails to go the extra mile.

Seeing the alarming rise of mental health issues in the young and old such as anxiety, depression, and also observing how the root causes of medical conditions like endocrine problems, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cancers are often not adequately addressed, Dr Tan was inspired to start Hallmark Health, to provide care in an integrated way.

Dr Tan is married to a fellow doctor and they have 3 children. Dr Tan is a firm believer that the journey to mental wellness and holistic health starts right now, with ourselves. Dr Tan has given talks on mental wellness in schools and universities and is a firm advocate of promoting mental wellness at home and in schools. For the last 20 years, Dr Tan has been a volunteer doctor at St John’s Singapore, a non-profit organisation providing First Aid, Life Support and Youth Development. She has also been involved in humanitarian missions to the less developed countries in ASEAN.

Dr Tan is fluent in English, Mandarin, Malay and Chinese dialects. She has attended courses on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Emotional Intelligence and maintains an active lifestyle with regular exercise. She is also a steadfast believer in the profound role that nutrition plays in disease prevention and the importance of empowering every individual to live their best life.

With her unique medical background in Family Medicine and passion for Mental Wellness and Emotional Intelligence, Dr Tan E-Ching is excellently suited to help you navigate your journey to total and lasting health.

Tan E-Fang

Bachelor of Laws (Honours), NUS
Director (non-executive)

E-Fang graduated from the National University of Singapore with Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and was admitted to the Singapore Bar in 1996. She is a lawyer in private practice and a mother of 2 children. She is also a regular volunteer at Ren Ci Nursing Home.

E-Fang believes that having the mental stamina and strength to meet with life’s challenges cannot be underestimated. So long as priority is placed on growing mental fortitude, everyone can develop an unshakable internal resilience to meet with life’s challenges.

Having been in the legal profession for the past 2 decades, E-Fang also recognises the importance of empathy and effective communication. Developing empathy and honing one’s communication skills are both instrumental to building trust and maintaining strong relationships. Acquiring these important skills is a lifelong journey that begins with taking the decision now to empower oneself.